Palestine Training Kit 2016 White

The latest training kit of Palestine national football team published in 2016 adopts bold color combination. Fiery red stand collar and red stripes on shoulder parts are noticeable. Under fiery red stand collar, black diamond mesh is applied to chest. And a short inlaid zipper on the front could be used to regulate body temperature of players when needed. On the lower front, some grey parallel stripes are printed onto it.

The pants adopt black as its main color. Three crests are printed on left and right pant legs. The waist adopts elastic designs to fit different needs of players running on football field. Except for above design having been referred, the rest of pants are black. Besides, there are many Palestine football shirts could be found in Fc kingdom.

Football in Palestine is administered by the Palestinian Football Association. The members of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation are consisted of the association administers, the national football team and the West Bank Premier League. Palestine women’s national football team is popular also in Palestine. The opening match of the Palestine Women’s National Football League on February 10, 2011, in the Feisal al-Husseini Stadium was attended by an estimated 8,000 people. There are six groups in the Women’s league.

As a loyal fan of Palestine national football team, I really hope they’ll outdo their best performance at every sports event. High quality football training kit is a prerequisite of perfect performance at international competitions.

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